Let’s get Metaphysical

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Multi nominated  including;

“Best in Fringe”

“Most Outstanding Performer”,

“Best Cabaret”

“Outstanding Design”

“Most Colorful Show”

One woman – Multiple personalities – Limitless possibilities – Adult only entertainment.

From the sanctity of a communal coastal upbringing with nudist mother & hippy father, the worlds Original Sex clown Glitta Supernova  has spent the better part of 20 years attempting to break free of the chains that bind & the results speak for themselves, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

“Within weeks of arriving to the big smoke as a coastal teen seeking freedom, I had transitioned into the unlikely role of kings Cross stripper”
An action packed avalanche where (absolutely) nothing is sacred.

Think The Mighty Boosh mashed with Benny hill  on the set of Deep Throat with The Young ones  narrating in lotus position.

Strap yourself into this ride of hilarious Character driven chaos, strip, skits & multimedia dream sequences,  this show is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Lets get METAphysical Image_1

What the Media is saying about Lets get METAphysical

“Like a drag show meets the Vagina Monologues.” – Theatreview Dunedin

“High camp hilarity” -FNQ Magazine

“Fabulously funny, elegantly executed & intelligently constructed” -Planet Arts group

“this show bust through even my unconscious parameters & I embrace it” -Theatreveiw Wellington

“Original, outlandish, provocative & not to be missed”  macandmae.com

“Outright tasteless & vulgar” -Theatrescenes Auckland

“Let’s get metaphysical is a vital work, & Glitta Supernova is a crucial part of the female struggle for sexual liberation” -Regional News

“There’s an important message hidden in this full-frontal spectacle. Be yourself, don’t follow the crowd & be true to you — no matter the package in which you are wrapped.” – The Advertiser

“Like a manifestation of Kali-Ma herself, she conducts her performance like a puja with the desire of destroying ignorance, mediocrity, conservatism…dear Middle of the Road Adelaide…this Goddess has you in her sights & will crush you between her thighs. This may
be a promise, or a threat – take it as you will.” -Jonathan Carfax

“60 minutes of outrageous fun & a wild history lesson into one of the icons of Australian queer performance art.” – Gay News Network

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